Quotit Corporation is a leading Internet application service provider for the health insurance and employee benefits industry. Quotit Corporation's Internet software enables insurance organizations to increase productivity and reduce costs by directly connecting insurance companies, brokers and retail consumers with insurance rates and benefits on-line, in real time.

Quotit has established relationships with more than 300 insurance carriers representing over 40,000 plans designs in the health, life, dental and vision insurance markets, including such names as: Aetna, United Healthcare, Health Net, Anthem, Assurant Health, Humana, Celtic and independent licenses of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. Quotit's database of carriers and plans extends to 50 states including the District of Columbia.

Gary Whiddon

The agent who knows how to utilize Quotit well can truly help his or her customers much more than a traditional agent. (Quotit) has a lot of helpful resources at your fingertips, from underwriting to benefit...

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Joe Maioriello

The number one thing it has given me is the ability to provide a quote on the spot. In today's world, people want to know what's on your Web site, and having a Web site gives a lot more flexibility...

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Debi Baxter

I'm a visual person and with Quotit, you can pull up your system. You can see your entire business, your quoting activity, your client activity, it is all right there. The biggest impact has been that it really....

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Bruce Jugan

About 75% of our new IFP business is from our website and about 50% of new group business comes from the website. When a visitor hits our site, the first thing to get triggered is the AutoResponder letter...

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Fred Wiener

What I like most about the service is the back office, Quotit iPro... the ability to send out emails and applications, the ability to apply online, the small group quotes, I could go on and on.

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