Quotit Enterprise Data Services

Let Quotit do the hard work and save you time.

Data Service

Fully-integrated data.

Quotit Enterprise Data Services helps you cost-effectively aggregate complex, disparate health insurance data – including rates, plan information, and benefit detail – into usable and formatted information made available through a cloud-based, application programming interface (API). We easily integrate data into your existing platform, or we can develop a customized Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) Solution to suit your unique needs.

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Quotit Data Services Features

  • Fifth generation, robust, fully documented advanced application programming interface (API) fosters the development of new solutions platforms
  • Time-saving data aggregation via our advanced API
  • Quick, secure sharing of aggregated, multi-carrier health insurance data – right at your fingertips
  • Drive application usage and, ultimately, provide your customers with new sources to increase revenue

Quotit Enterprise Data Services Benefits

Flexibility and ease of use

Customize your online system to support your unique needs and brand messaging.

Remain In Compliance

Gain real-time access to the latest health insurance data, ensuring your data is always fully compliant.

Speed To Market

Streamline data integration and go to market in weeks, rather than months.

Controlled IT Costs

Eliminate the need for upfront capital investment and additional IT resources that result from data capture and storage.

Technical Specifications

Learn about Quotit Enterprise Solutions technical specifications and application design.

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