• How do my customers apply online?

    When a web-based proposal is sent to the customer or the customer runs a quote through the consumer website, the customer will click on “Apply Now” for the specific plan. The customer will be sent to a contact information capture page where he/she will complete and then select the option to continue to the online application. (The online application option will only be available if there is an online application link installed for that particular carrier.)

  • How can I import from my contacts from another Customer Relationship Management program?

    On the main contact search page there is a link in the bottom left corner that will provide the template and instructions needed to import individual or group contacts. In addition, the user may also import a group census to an existing group contact by selecting the “Import from Excel” option on the group contact detail page in the dropdown of the Census Information section.

  • How do I run a child-only quote?

    Please visit our Knowledge Base by clicking here to find more information on how to run a child-only quote.

  • How can I save a signature in the proposal email?

    In the “Compose Email” box you will type in the message you want saved in the message text box. Once the message is fully typed in you will click on the “Additional Options” button, click the box for “Make this my default message,” and then click “Save Changes.” After that is complete you will need to “Send Your Message” so that everything just done stays saved.

  • What are the differences between iPro, ePro, mPro, and WebExpress?

    • iPro: Quoting on our website. Click here for more details about iPro.
    • ePro: Quoting and more on your website. Click here for more details about ePro.
    • mPro: State and federal marketplace quoting. Click here for more details about mPro.
    • WebExpress: Quoting and a new website. Click here for more details about WebExpress.

    Click here to visit the Quotit Software page for more details on each product available.

  • What carriers can I quote through Quotit?

    For a full list of carriers available in each state please visit our Carrier Map by clicking here.

  • How do I use the subsidy calculator?

    The subsidy calculator is a tool to estimate if an individual or family seeking coverage may be eligible for a credit toward their cost for health care coverage. By entering household size and estimated income in the system, the consumer can view on-exchange plans with an estimated credit applied to the premium.

  • How do I use Quotit’s AutoResponder?

    Please visit our Knowledge Base by clicking here to find more information on using Quotit’s AutoResponder.

  • How do I use JoinMe?

    Click on the JoinMe button on the top navigation and click Launch Now. User will need to install the JoinMe application for use. Additionally, the install link can also be sent to other users using Option 2 on the panel.

  • Can I quote on-exchange health insurance marketplace plans using Quotit?

    Yes, Quotit software will allow you to quote on-exchange health insurance marketplace plans.

  • How do I contact Quotit?

    Please visit our Contact Us page by clicking here for details on how to contact Quotit.

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