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Build your web presence with a custom site from WebExpress

Need a new website? Quotit WebExpress does all the hard work for you. Choose from our Basic or Premium designs and let us build your new site, while you focus on building your business. Whether you are looking to modernize your current website or create one for the first time, Quotit WebExpress will develop a site that represents your brand and supports your agency as it grows.

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With Quotit WebExpress, you can:

  • Establish a dynamic online presence
  • Choose from our customizable health insurance website designs
  • Create a site that reflects your agency’s unique brand
  • Reach new prospects and clients
  • Utilize Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to automate time-consuming tasks
  • Market, Quote, Enroll, and Manage your business online

Quotit WebExpress Features

Customized Site Design

Choose from a variety of different Basic or Premium website designs and get your business online in no time. Customize your information and ensure the site supports your unique brand. Expand your reach by adding links to your favorite social marketing sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Featured Plans

Focus your client's attention on the hottest plans in your area by calling out Featured Plans. You decide which plans to feature from any of the 40,000 plan designs we offer. Incorporate logos on your home page and include brief benefit details and sample rates. It's the perfect way to give new customers a sneak peak of what you offer.

Tailor Content to Your Needs

We build your website exactly the way you want it. Want multiple pages, customized content, blogs, or in-depth information about your agency? What about custom landing pages and Web forms for prospects to fill out when they visit your site? Simple. We look forward to building it for you. (Fees vary depending on the extent of the customization.)

WebExpress Editor

Need to make some changes on your website, like adding new company information? No problem. It's fast and easy with WebExpress Editor. Update your services, contact information, and other site content any time, and as often as you want.

New! Advanced Quoter (Available only on premium designs)

The new Advanced Quoter allows your website to link to any of our standard quote engine pages, or it can redirect your visitors to auto, homeowners, or travel pages. You can even link to a custom internal page or link out to any external page. The diversity of this new quoter is boundless!

New! Auto, Home, Travel Pages (Available only on premium designs)

We’ve heard and we’ve listened to your requests. We all know the impact the ACA has had on our industry. In response, we’ve taken steps to provide you with a diverse set of pages for auto, home, and travel insurance and we’ve gone a step further to provide you with an info-capture form.

Security & Reliability

Quotit’s dedicated staff of in-house technicians support a 24/7/365 user-experience. Working together with the industry’s most-reliable technology partners, Quotit ensures our systems are always safe and available.

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