Advanced insurance technology to Market. Quote. Enroll. Manage.

Spend More Time With Clients – And Less Time Running Quotes

With Quotit iPro, you can produce accurate, comprehensive, and presentation-ready insurance quotes with ease. Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool allows you to manage and track business opportunities with new prospects and existing clients. Updated provider directories, applications, and underwriting guidelines are a click away. You will always have the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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Quotit’s iPro enables you to:

  • Produce UltraColor and online proposals
  • Manage all of your business with leading CRM tools
  • Track leads by source, status, and category and monitor conversions
  • Store unlimited census and quote information
  • Send active web-based email quotes for your prospects or clients to apply directly online
  • Automate your follow up effort with AutoResponder
  • Send birthday and holiday emails to all of your clients
  • Purchase leads directly from Quotit LeadExchange
  • Manage your customer appointments and renewals with Quotit Calendar

iPro Features


Quickly and easily shop the market for your clients and access comprehensive plan information. UltraColor PDF proposals in a variety of different formats give you the option to tailor your client presentation. Web-based proposals simplify the customer experience and make it easy to shop for insurance and enroll directly from the quote.

CRM and Calendar

Manage all client relationships – existing and prospective – from first contact through enrollment by easily tracking all communications and application status. The calendar and reminder system ensures you are always on top of your follow up by showing exactly what you need to do daily, weekly, and monthly to build your business. Reminders serve as a personal assistant to flag important dates and activities.

Provider Directory and Forms Library

Easily access provider directories and underwriting guidelines to better assist your prospects and clients. With quick access links, you are able to quickly research providers with their needs in mind. Plus, underwriting guidelines will help you navigate which carrier is the best fit for your clients.

Real-Time Carrier Update Status

Our status update is an industry first that will save you time and ensure you’re up to date whenever there’s new information from any of our carrier partners.

UltraColor Reports

Our printable reports are intuitively built to save you time in compiling plan information and explaining it to your clients in an easy-to-understand format. You can select from a number of different report types and choose how you want to display the plan information. You can print your PDF or even email these web-based reports.

AutoResponder (Optional)

Send messages automatically with AutoResponder – an automatic marketing system. Create alerts to send custom messages to clients based on the custom settings you choose. With AutoResponder, you can automatically follow up after a quote has been sent or a prospect visits your website. You can send birthday wishes or holiday greetings to current clients or create any personalized message you want.

Security & Reliability

Quotit’s dedicated staff of in-house technicians support a 24/7/365 user-experience. Working together with the industry’s most-reliable technology partners, Quotit ensures our systems are always safe and available.

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