The Quotit API Is Designed Using A Microsoft™ Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Based On Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Over HTTP Binding. The API is consumable in both RESTful and SOAP formats.

Primary Operations


Generates a quote for a Family that has already been submitted or for the specified IfpRateFactors without submitting a persistable Family contact to Quotit.


Generates a quote for a Group that has already been submitted, or for the specified GroupRateFactors without submitting a persistable Group contact to Quotit.


User can obtain a list of Carriers/Plans/Benefits down to the specified level of detail for any given Website account under the Master Account with Quotit. The output can be further filtered using an optional list of Filter criteria.


Returns a Family that has been submitted to the given account from any portal including the SubmitFamily method in this service.


Submits a new or updated Family with the provided Rate Factors, an optional Plan Choice and contact information.


Submits a new or updated Group with the provided Rate Factors and optional contact information.

Why Select Quotit

Quotit Corporation is a leading Internet, enterprise application service provider for the health insurance and employee benefits industry. Quotit Corporation’s Internet software enables insurance organizations to increase productivity and reduce costs by directly connecting insurance companies, brokers, and retail consumers with insurance rates and benefits online, in real time.

Quotit has established relationships with more than 300 insurance carriers representing over 40,000 plan designs in the health, Medicare, life, dental, and vision insurance markets, including such names as Aetna, Anthem, National General, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association independent licensees, Celtic, Health Net, Humana, and UnitedHealthcare, among others. Quotit’s database of carriers and plans extends to 50 states and the District of Columbia.