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Because insurance shopping should be easy.

Quotit’s side-by-side comparison shopping cart tool brings an Amazon-like experience to the health insurance
purchasing process. Create truly personalized coverage for your clients.

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Insurance Plan Shopping Cart

From your proposals, clients can compare the products you recommend and add their selections directly to their shopping cart. The shopping cart can also make recommendations for medical, accident, critical illness, dental, vision, and life insurance based on current selections.

Simplified Online Enrollment

Once you or your clients have selected the best options for their needs, clients can complete a single online application to enroll in multiple policies, even if they are from different carriers. Don’t worry: Even with this consolidated enrollment, your information will be included to ensure you get credit for every sale.*

* not available for Medicare

Benefits of Shop and Enroll

the Best Plan

See plans side by side—making it much simpler to choose the best coverage for each client’s specific needs.

Sell More
Policies per Client

Automate cross-selling by offering one application for medical, accident, critical illness, dental, vision, and more.

Connect to the Federal

Shop and compare all on-exchange plans from the federal marketplace in participating states.*

 * not available for Medicare

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Check Out Our Client-Driven Shopping Cart Feature

Give your prospects the power to shop for, compare, and enroll in insurance plans from multiple carriers with instant access to our consumer-facing quoting add-on.

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Coast-to-Coast Carrier Coverage

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