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from hundreds of carriers across the country.

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Instant Access

For those looking for an out-of-the-box solution that enables them to search for insurance plans, quote them, and enroll clients, access to health plan data from hundreds of carriers nationwide is included all in one place. Learn more about these out-of-the-box features here.

Cloud-Based API

For those looking to build out their existing infrastructure, access our network of the latest carrier supplied health insurance data, offered as a stand-alone cloud-based API. This data can be integrated into your existing platform or be used to develop a new custom solution to suit your unique needs.

Benefits of Health Plan Data API

Focus on the Bigger Picture

Save time you would otherwise spend aggregating complex data from carriers across the country and invest your energy in other mission-critical areas of operations.

Extend Your Reach

Integrate Quotit’s comprehensive insurance database into your existing applications to cover more ground and bring new products to market faster.

Reduce Costs

Increase profitability and eliminate the need for an up-front capital investment and IT resources and invest those cost savings in revenue-generating initiatives.

Drive More Sales

Increase revenue by broadening product portfolios and availability, making it easier for insurance buyers to find the perfect plan.

Verified Data

Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you always have access to accurate real-time health insurance data.

Coast-to-Coast Carrier Coverage

The easiest way to give your
customers more choices

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