Trade Leads Confidently with LeadExchange from Quotit

A Marketplace for Buying and Selling Quality Insurance Leads with Ease

Looking for more business or have leads you can’t fulfill?
Quotit LeadExchange, included with all of our software plans, makes buying and selling insurance leads easy.


Are prospects visiting your website from states for which you aren’t licensed? With LeadExchange, you can sell leads to other Quotit brokers, and generate revenue for yourself.


Looking for new leads? Other Quotit brokers post their leads so you can purchase the kind of leads you want, whether they are exclusive, shared, medical, short-term medical, or Medicare.

Cash in on your extra leads – let LeadExchange take care of the selling.

When you find yourself with leads outside your network, why throw them away? You can earn $20, $50 or more for each of these leads and, even better, LeadExchange will do all the work selling them.

LeadExchange fully manages your leads, plugging you into a network of over 6,000 new brokers a year that produce over 60 million annual quotes.

Generate more business with thousands of verified, real-time insurance leads from LeadExchange.

Say goodbye to questionable, low quality leads that waste your time and give minimal return. Quotit’s LeadExchange gives you access to a network of thousands of leads, allowing you to pick the very best.

All leads are real time and verified, ensuring you have the highest chance of selling more policies.

Take Control of Your Lead Flow

Whether you’re an independent agent or large scale agency –LeadExchange puts lead management entirely in your hands.

When you sign up with any of the three Quotit software plans, you get access to the LeadExchange nationwide network.

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Discover how LeadExchange can streamline your insurance business today with a quick and free personalized demo of Quotit software.


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